IP Camera not in the list Hicam H5

Hi, I am new here. I bought an ip camera that is not listed. It is from China.

Can you please help me set it up? I am using webcam 7. I am also willing to switch to netcam studio if it won’t work with webcam 7.


Hi Paul,
To connect to webcam 7 or Netcam Studio you must have the correct URL, rtsp://xxxxxx or http. In the link above it says nothing about ONVIF, a standard protocol for easy connection, or anything else. It says P2P which usually mean that they use a proprietary protocol for communication between camera and the App. In the specs is says it support Android and iPhone.
So sorry, nothing I can do with available info. Sometimes you can find hacks out there.

Hi Henrik, thank you for the reply.

I am unable to find hacks online. I am fairly new to all this. Can you please help me set it up? What other info is needed?


Sorry, but I can’t help you more than this since there is no magic about this . As I wrote from the specs it do not support ONVIF. It only support App for Android and iPhone. Nothing about Windows.
Contact the support for the camera and ask for the correct URL.
Maybe someone else here in the forum can help.