IPCC--7210W cams setup

I’m setting up three IPCC-7210W cams from IPcam Central, and NCS has no template for IPCC cams. One is an older Ver. 1 cam, one a Ver. 2 cam, and two are the newest Ver. 3 cams. I have the V2 and V3 cams working fine in NCS, but not the older cam.

The V1 cam doesn’t support ONVIF or RTSP. I have an image using MJPEG. The Custom URL tab has:
Stream type: MJPEG

But the cam also does PTZ, and I can’t get it to work in NCS. The controls appear on the image, but don’t function. I used ONVIF to get PTZ working with the newer cams, but that’s not available with the older cam.

PTZ does work fine in the camera’s native direct-connect interface, just not with NCS.

Can someone give me a hand with this?

  • Wim

Hi Wim,
Nice cameras and good that v2 and 3 versions have onvif and works. For older PTZ cameras that lack support for ONVIF this is a problem since they need a template to combine PTZ and video. It is good that you have the video URL videostream.cgi since sometimes you can use a template from another camera and it works. So test if it works with the following camera templates:
-7-link have some some models that have ptz,
-All in One
-Apexis Electronics
-Foscam is usually a good one to start with.

and there are more in the list, but start and see if anyone of these will work.

God luck,