iPhone connectivity, updated manual, possible bug?



Hi I’m a newbie to NetcamStudio X, and Netcam Studio Smart Camera. I’m using Win10 and an iPhone 5s with iOS10.11.

Firstly, I think the instruction manual refers to an earlier addition of NetCam Studio as the screenshots are different from the version I have downloaded (v This is making it difficult to follow the instructions to link the PC client to my redundant iPhone 5s which I want to use as a static security camera. Using the browse feature in the NetCam Studio X (ONVIF Source tab under the Add a new camera icon, using the LAN search), I can locate the iPhone’s IP address and it’s added to the Network Camera tab. But then I’ve run into problems - what HTTP port, RTSP port & Source should I use to link to the iPhone from the PC? I’ve tried various HTTP port settings (8100, 8080), but when I click on Test Connection, the app just hangs/freezes & I have to use Task Manager to stop NetCamStudio X running - which is why I’m wondering if there’s a bug? My firewall is correctly configured to allow NetCamStudio.exe through it and the iPhone app appears to be working fine.

All help much appreciated many thanks Ballyhooo


Hi Ballyhooo!
Check out this first http://community.netcamstudio.com/c/netcam-studio/mobile-app-web-client A lot of info about this.
If still not working, you know where to find me ;).