IR leds switch triggers motion detection

I have a FOSCAM FI9821P with auto ir leds switch.

Every time ir leds are turned on or off by the camera, a motion is detected, regardless of my settings :

  • Motion Algorithm : BlobDetection
  • Motion Display : Blob
  • Motion Sensibility : VeryLow
  • Threshold : 10

Is there a way to prevent this ?

Hi!. Is there an object close to the camera that reflects a lot of IR light back to the camera?

No. There is no object close to the camera.

It seems that the global change in luminosity triggers the detection.

Ok. Change to lowest sensitivity and max threshold and cover the lens. I wouöd like to test if it is an electricsl problem in the cam. Is it the same problem with another motion algorithm?

Here are the results of my tests :

  • With motion sensibility on VeryLow and threshold on 100, motion is not detected when switching from day vison to night vision and vice versa, whatever motion algorithm I choose. But with these settings, nothing is detected except close to the camera
  • Every value lower than 100 for threshold causes a detection for any motion algorithm
  • If I cover the lens, no detection occurs
  • When I use the camera motion detection software, IR Led switching does not trigger detection, even in High sensibility

I searched on this problem and found this ( more links with this problem)
In NCS switch to the view where you can see what cause the motion detection to trigg. That will give you additional info.

I know exactly what casuses motion detection and I can see it clearly on the recorded video : it is a sudden change in luminosity, contrast and color of the whole image due to switching from night vision (IR leds on) to day visdion (IR leds off and vice versa).

I think that, along with a minimum thre’shold, there should be a maximum threshold (as in Blue Iris) to insure that a change in every pixel of the view does not trigger motion detection.

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I will forward your suggestion to the developers. For me the question is then how to differ this camera behavior from someone pointing a flash light or an IR light into the camera.
The behavior of the camera that you describe is for me very strange. I would return it or change to anotherr brand.

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