Is 100% CPU usage normal?


Have a HP microserver with a G1610T CPU running NCS server X with 2 wifi ipcams.
Works nice but NCS uses 100% cpu more or less all the time.
Is this normal with this CPU, to weak maybe?
Are there settings that lower CPU usage?

I had a similar issue, however I had 20 IP cams on a i3 CPU. My CPU was also maxing out at 100% usage. I ended up moving the OS to a SSD drive and have the recordings on a separate HDD and upgraded the CPU to a i7, now the CPU sits at 60% usage.

Hi! As @twgs mentioned, try changing your hardware configuration. It seems that your CPU is not enough to record 2 streams with current quality settings. You can lower it if you want under “Configure Features…”->“File Recording”.
You can also use lower resolution streams.
Thank you!


I already have my OS (windows 2012 R2) and NCS on a SSD and recordings on a Raid5 pool.
Unticked some box that said less CPU, changed streams and recording.
Now I´m at like 30%.
Seems my TS3 server and Plex media server runs nice now, not much transcoding there thoo.
Tried H264, Theora and Webm but wich one is preferred?

Any recommended hardware?