Is someone storing the Library on a NAS or external HD?

Hi guys! When you set the path for storage of the Library you can chose a location from internal HD, external HD or go out on the the network to store on for example a NAS. My goal is to store the Library on a NAS since I can store data for a longer period of time and more secure. However, when I select a folder on the NAS the NCS will not start to create its folders and to store videos. The FTP function works fine, but not if I want to move the Library “outside” of the computer where NCS is running. Is anyone having the same experience or any other suggestions to make this work? I am running two different NCS installations on 2 different machines and tested using 2 different NAS with the same result. -Henrik

You can map a local letter to your NAS drive and use it as main repository for the library.

Even FNC names should be supported however you don’t have possibility to provide credentials this way. I think when mapping a letter you can once provide the username / password and store it.

Sorry, but this do not work even with restarting NCS server. It simply refuses to store anything on my z-drive which is a folder on my NAS. I can manually copy files with no problem.

Any message in the logs ?

Sorry, my bad. Of cause. Before change it stores on internal HD on D-drive and no errors, warnings … After change to Z-drive which is the NAS and folder ncs “hell brakes loose” ;). I get thew following (some time out from cameras that have wifi problems). Always when I move to another location for storage NCS creates its folders automatically, but not here. Manually copying files to the location works fine as well as FTP uploader. It tells me the error, but I can not interpret that to help me.

Strange, don’t have the problem here when mapping Z:\ to my NAS.

I am giving up. I have tested from another computer as well and no luck. I must do something fundamentally wrong. It looks like this

and in NCS for storage it looks like as you write above Z:\ to the NAS. I can copy a regular file into this with no problems. Is it something with credentials that I am missing that should be specific for NCS? I assume the Error above comes from that NCS do not create the necessary folders on The NAS.

Does your NAS support iSCSI or NFS? You could try using that to map the drive instead of SMB. SMB drive maps are linked to a particular user account, so the service account that Netcam Studio is running under might not have access to the share.

Thank you very much for your reply! Yes, the NAS have both iSCSI and NFS. iSCSI was the easy part and worked fine. Trouble with NFS. So, here is what I did to make it work. Change NCS Server from login with local account to a real admin account with all the NT Service, networking, sharing … privileges. On the NAS I changed from an admin account with password to a user account with no password. Then I could map the NAS folder to be used as Library. No need to mount the NAS as an X:. For the moment it works, but I am not quite sure yet what made it work :wink: . I have to do some more tests to find out, but that will be another day!