Is there a setting to allow LCD monitor enter standby? Netcam Studio keeps the screen from sleeping

Netcam Studio prevents the monitor from turning off by itself. It is useless to keep it on because this is a dedicated DVR machine. Nobody uses it. It’s a waste of energy, but I don’t want to have to turn it off and on physically.

Any ideas?

Normally the 1.2 final will prevent computer to sleep but allow the monitor to sleep. We are actually testing / validating that it works without side effects…

Thank you for the response. Any idea on when this will be released? As a follow up question, how do I set up so that when motion is detected the camera records the audio as well as the video? Right now it only records the video. However, I don’t want audio detection to act as a trigger for recording. I just need motion triggered recordings.

1.2 “official” release should be released in early september.