Is this compatible with Windows XP?

I’ve got an old laptop I’m trying to setup as a baby monitor, but can’t get it to install & just checking if it’s compatible with windows XP?

Otherwise is there a way to download an older version compatible with XP?

Read here

Thanks for the reply Henrik, but to obtain the software I would’ve already read that page. Also that page differs from the documentation on the features page aswell.

If you’ve got an answer to either of those questions that’d be great :smile:

Bump. If it’s not compatible with XP in its current version, is there a repository of older versions that are to download?

So far I have noot seen a repository for older versions. Please, go to the support page and contact technical support directly with your question.

Thanks, but I was hoping someone with an answer would reply.

I would assume the netcam guys would browse their own forum considering my research into this had the coder replying to people.

Sorry for bothering you again, but in an earlier discussion admin informed that older versions are not available.

There were several issues with .NET 4.0 so we have decided to drop Windows XP for this reason (since it doesn’t support .NET 4.5), users had issues recording and with motion detection.

We have tried to fix those problems but without success since everything works as expected on .NET 4.5 but not on 4.0

So only webcamXP and webcam 7 are supported on Windows XP but not Netcam Studio (anymore and for a reason).

Appreciate the response, Where would I find Webcam 7? Can’t find it on google. Otherwise is there an older version of netcam studio I can download somewhere before you guys dropped windows xp compatibility?

webcam 7 can be downloaded on webcamxp’s page here:

Since most likely you’ll have issues with Netcam Studio on Windows XP, maybe keep this for later when you’ll have a computer running a newer version of Windows…