Issue with more than 2 local sources (USB)


I have purchased a 4 source license for NetCam Studio, but I cannot have 3 USB webcams active at once. I can make active any combination of the 3 but only 2 will ever display output at any given time, the 3rd (regardless of which cam I make the 3rd) will not display any output (gray screen). This does not appear to be a load issue (no recording or motion detection is on) CPU stays at 1% use by NetCamStudio when 2x cams are up)

NetCamStudio Versions tried: 1.36 / 1.40 Beta
Cams: Logitech B910HD, Logitech C525, Logitech C920
PC: Windows 10 Pro, I5-2400 @ 3.1ghz, 16gb DDR3 1333, Samsung SSD 840 EVO
All cams are connected to internal (on motherboard) usb ports (No expansion or front ports), drivers are correctly installed and each cam will display in other applications.

Any ideas?



Hi and welcome to the forum!
You are doing everything correct and you have a very nice system! But, the underlying structure of Netcam Studio is .Net Framework which have limitations when it comes to differentiate between USB cameras when they come from the same manufacturer. Do a search in the forum on USB and you will find that you are not alone. Some users have overcome this problem by using an external usb card, but it is not guaranteed that it work.

We recommend users with multiple usb cams to use Webcam 7 which is another product from Moonware that focus on usb cams. Netcam Studio focus on IP cams.

I see that you have purchased a 4 source license for NCS. Please, come back here when you have decided how to continue.