Issues with 1.2.7 after installation

I just updated my installation to 1.2.7. I attempted to update a setting for my only source. On hitting Save, the following appeared:

After the update, all scheduler information was lost. Or at least, it’s not visible, even if the system says at the moment it’s doing motion and timelapse.

The About button does nothing.

Additionally, all users - including admin - were removed. Going to access control and attempting to add the users provides no Rights:
[pretend there is a second image here, I’m too new]

Anyone got any ideas?

Here’s the screenshot of add / edit user with no Rights:

Once again, any assistance is welcome!

From which version did you upgrade from?

Anyway, the best would be to perform a clean installation since something seem to be incompatible and not properly initialized but from any 1.0+ version nobody else reported such problems…

I’m pretty sure it was 1.1. Anyway, as you suggested, I’ll try a clean installation and report back.

A full install fixed it.

Note for future users - installing a 64bit over top of a 32-bit installation will cause trouble - remove everything first!