Issues with deleting items from the Library

It’s getting easier to delete items from the Library view. But there are still issues, and some features that are not yet present.

  1. Please support the ‘Delete’ key in Gallery and List View, instead of requiring a right-click and “Remove” selection from the context menu.

  2. There are issues with multiple selection by click, and shift-click in the Gallery View. If I scroll too far downward, the client seems to lose my original selection. So then doing a shift-click just highlights a single item, instead of all in-between my original click.

  3. Scrolling is odd in the Gallery View. It seems to scroll the item two places in position with each scroll wheel change. Strange. Clicking on the scroll bar moves each item one spot. Again strange. How about scrolling an entire row up or down!? This seems more intuitive.

This has already been requested so it’s definitely a part that we will improve in upcoming versions (but unfortunately not in 1.3 which is now ready to be released).

In the meantime, the most efficient way to massively cleanup the library is to do it directly in windows explorer rather than from Netcam Studio.

Thanks for your feedback!

  1. Has been implemented, yay!

  2. Still messed up. It seems if I scroll downward where my original selected item disappears off the screen, then shift+clickng only selects one item instead of everything in between. Ughhh

  3. Scrolling is still very strange. I still think scrolling an entire row is more standard and intuitive!

Hi Gunn,
Thanks. I forward this.