Issues with email notifications and shadows


Just installed Netcam studio and love it’s features; About to purchase license but having issues with the following:

Issue 1:

Enabled email notifications
Added email rule for 1 specific camera

I do receive notification emails but once the first email is sent, all further emails attach the same image over and over: see example below where I receive a notification in the middle of the night but the attached picture is from early in the morning…

Any advice on how to resolve this?

Issue 2:

More of a request for advice; I do understand that outdoor shadows can trigger movement, however I’ve been unable to find the correct settings to avoid false positives; Is there a way to adjust a threshold related to color changes? For instance looking at the camera location above, I am getting a lot of movement from trees shadows on the asphalt driveway, however it’s basically changing from black to various shades of gray; any way to ask the system to ignore pixel changes under a certain color change threshold?

Otherwise what’s your best advice on improving accuracy for shadows movement?
I’ve tried fiddling with motion algorithm, sensibility and threshold with no success so far.

Thank you!


Hi there and thanks!

Issue 1: this have been in the forum before. I cannot find it just now, but check that you have all the rules correct and also settings when email is enabled. Make sure that a recording actually is stored by checking the folder manually. This problem was solved, but I cannot remember how just now. Add such a rule for two cameras and see what is happening.

Issue 2: false positives are a challenge and very difficult to completely get rid of. To completely get rid of that you must know what you are looking for and learn the system that and use correlation techniques to calculate the probability for a non-positive false. There are systems for that on the market, but complexity and price tag is very different.

Usually blod detection works best if it is people you are looking for. There are no settings for change in color channels. Under configuration for motion detection there is also a setting for detection zones where you can block out certain parts of the image for motion detection. That can get a wider dynamic range of the Sensibility and Threshold settings.
It´s interesting that you reflect over the colors. I have also been thinking about that possibility since motion detection is only based on movement. Would it be an advantage to only use a black/white image for motion detection? All these things also use more computer power …