Issues with streaming thru Netcam Studio with IP cams

We set up some new IP cams, we can’t get them to stream to JPEG’s on our home page. Pretty much self explanatory if you go here, if link is clicked and logged into then cams appear OK. Cannot get stream to appear below where images are broken. Could someone take a look at the HTML that was generated and let us know if possibly our web server isn’t able to stream the content? What is wrong?

Right on the main page, scroll down a bit.

Hi. We have met before I think :slight_smile:
From the web page I cannot see the embedded code, but why no use this

Just change IP to and do not use the admin account since the token expire.

When I was logged into the web client I checked the event viewer and it was a lot of errors from ONVIF cameras.


hi Henrik, thanks again for your help :slight_smile:
So yes, this time we have used a token from a separate account called pipesmoker, instead of Admin. And I think we did change ip from 127 over to, so hypothetically configured correct and should work as is ?

Why can’t you use Mjpeg?

Will try and get back to you