It does not stop recording at the client or through web api method

I was able to start and stop recording through web api commands but it not longer works. It does not work at the client either. It stop recording just when I change a configuration feature. Any ideas?

Hi Rene! I tested this (also in different browsers) and I do not have that problem. Since it has been working it seems something locally. I am running NCS on win10 and .net framework 4.6.x. If you do the classical of restart/reset everything it is still there? Is the schedule for some reason set to continuous recording?

This is most likely because the recording fails to start (and therefore cannot be stopped).

Check the NCS Event Logs, it can be a missing library or a wrong parameter.

Hi Steve,
The recording failed. I get the following from event logs:
28/04/2016 09:58:44 Source(0).ExceptionCatcher Exception in Encoder.FileEncoder.WorkerThread() Exception Detail:AVStream >> Cannot open the video file.
28/04/2016 09:58:44 Source(0).StartRecording Source(0) - Started File Recording [Unknown]. Took 15 ms

Do I have a wrong parameter? The parameters are the same as another working computer.

Ok, this is a bit what I suspected :slight_smile:

Please verify the library folder, ensure that you can write in there.

Settings, leave the default if it was changed:

Crf 20, Superfast or Ultrafast preset, images per second 20 or 25.

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