Jpeg view wil not run in IE in a WebForm project

I use the Jpeg viewer within a WebForm Visualstudio project.
No image is visable in IE11.
The cause of this is that a whole page is wrapped in a FORM tag.
When I remove the begin en end FORM tags the video is displaying oke.
But I need the FORM tags to handle the postback , its how a webform work.
Is there a javascript fix available for this issue?

I tried this, but i overloads the server…

<img id="test123" width="320" height="240" src="images/test.jpg">

var tid = setTimeout(mycode, 100);
function mycode() {
$("#test123").attr(‘src’, ‘http://URL:8100/Jpeg/0?authToken=xxx&gogogo=’ + new Date().getTime() );

    tid = setTimeout(mycode, 100); // repeat myself