Laggy and return link

My client at Hound Around Resort ( is using
your Netcam Studio paid service at the hostname

[details=Summary][/details] but during testing we are
recieving compliants people have to click the back arrow 3 or 4 times
to get back to the home page. Is there any way we can take care of
that? Also cams #1 - 10.23 and #3 - 10.18 are more laggy than the
other two. What can we do to solve this. One more thing, is there
anyway we can bypass the login screen as it was for webcamxp?

Also am wondering if the netcam studio logo in the upper left on the
login screen can be a link back to the homepage url.

Update… I emailed support at and heard nothing back after days, then I emailed and got this message earlier

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

The error that the other server returned was:
554 5.7.1 Message cannot be accepted, spam rejection

Hi there again!

1.Concerning the first part about slow response.
All these symptoms are due to capacity problems. It can be:

  • the computer that runs NCS is to slow resulting in a high CPU load,
  • a slow Internet connection from the computer running NCS to the Internet,
  • a slow Internet connection of the people that complains. If the complains are only from a few people and they always have problems this is most likely the issues. If all your customers have this problems it is most likely the connection speed from the NCS computer.

The video streams are from HD cams and this demands an adequate Internet connection on both sides. I am connecting to the site just now in the middle of the night with no problems at all and I am in Sweden which have a 7h time difference.

In our last discussion on December 16 Cams not showing we discussed several of these things so have a look there also. That discussion ended with that you would buy a new computer and get a faster connection to Internet. Is that done?

I am checking the system now at about 9.30 am your time and it very much slower. Your CPU load is about 85-90% which is high, but not the main problem here. So somewhere there is a problem with the connection speed.

2.Bypass the login screen.
You can make a separate html page and embed the html code for the 4 video streams. You did that in our last discussion. You get the html code from NCS. In that code you will have a Token that includes login parameters to NCS. Important to know is that everyone can see the videos and not only customers.

3.NCS logo on upper left corner
If you create a separate html page as above this issue is solved. If you want to continue with the web client you can edit the html code of the web client since it is open source. If you do that just remember to keep track of this code since an upgrade of NCS will overwrite that code. The code is in the folder named WebServer.

4.Mail to support
The support mail address usually handles questions about licensing. The rest I usually handle in this forum ;). About the spam, thanks for info! Did you send the mail directly from your email program or did you use the contact page?

Good luck and thanks,

I did all those things last time such as create a html page but it seems that was slowing things down. Im trying to do a process of elimination and reduce the path from the camera to the website. I will backup the file and edit the client webserver file. I have to check out and resolve the connection and CPU related issues. Thanks.

I found and backed up C:\Program Files (x86)\Netcam Studio\WebServer\index.html and am pretty well versed in both HTML and CSS and am not sure what line I can edit to change the href link of the logo on the upper left as previously posted or ideally use our logo for the link.

Strange if that slow things down. If I understand correct you have the computer with NCS running locally at your company and the web site in Wordpress is running on a web server at your provider? So the html page with the embedded code would be on the WP server?
What is the download/upload speed of your connection?

I have to get back to you about the href for the logo. I edited the web client for some time ago, but not the logo.

Im really not sure what is slowing things down. Im checking out everything. Here is how I have it set up…

IPCamera > NCS Server > DynDDNS static hostname on port 8100> Wordpress website

Because I want to eliminate any unnecessary layers and reduce the path from the camera as much as possible so this is what I have it at now

IPCamera > NCS Server > port 8100 < href link on wordpress site redirecting to hostname

Working on UX (user experience) design, the client wants me to create a desktop and mobile friendly seamless viewing of the live streaming. The complaints we’ve had the last 48 hours has been when the customer clicks on the webcam link on the website to be taken to the ddns hostname which is the url for the NCS login screen, they complain they have to log in even though we post the username : user and password : password right on the website, they dont want that hurdle so we want to just ditch that log in screen all together. Once customers get to the streaming they complain 2 of the 4 “indoor” cams are laggy. The only other complaint we been getting is when people do view the stream and want to go back they get back to the login screen at which point they need to click the back arrow 3 or 4 times before it gets back to the homepage. I tried to have it open in a new window so they could just close the window and go back to the homepage but they just end up closing all the windows on mobile so what the client wants is that NCS logo that is on the upper left on both the log in screen and the streaming page, they want it to be their logo and have the logo be a link back to the homepage so they dont have to keep clicking back.

In the folder WebServer -> tpl you have the different layouts and href to images.

Thanks! That worked. But the only issue is the logo in the upper corner still goes to the ddns 8100 link. I looked and cant find where I can change the href to go to the homepage.

Just checked the site and a really nice solution. Now I understand it all. I have not found that yet so I have to go to our developers to ask. However, in the mean time is it possible to keep the NCS logo to the left and add the “Dog logo” in the middle with the correct URL to main site?
Just a question, which html editor do you use? Looking for a “good” one ;).

Looking at the source code it seems to be at the line below I can change the link…

But not sure what file that is located in. I looked and didn’t find it. I could put back the NCS logo and put the dog logo next to it with its own link if I can figure it out.

Until I can figure out where that code is or how to change the link to the logo thats already there, Im not sure how to add another logo with a link.

I hope my developers come back soon with the “how to”.
The problem with the indoor cams are due to capacity. The video is very compressed and when it is a lot of movement the mathematical algorithm needs a lot of data quickly to decode the stream into a good video. For a smartphone or tablet that have less cpu power it is very obvious. If you do this on a computer with more cpu power the problem is not that bad. So a better speed on the connection to catch these running dogs is necessary. What capacity do you have now? I assume that the cams are connected with rtsp for codec h.264 which compress the 720p video a lot. Test to connect the cam with MJPEG instead. MJPEG use more bandwidth, but the compression is very low. Check if that might help. The resolution from the cam might be lower, but for testing it might be of interest.

Sounds good. I boosted the bandwidth from under 20mbps to 75mbps. The cpu is an older 2gen dual core, thinking we might need to upgrade. I will switch to MJPEG and see how that goes. On a side note I just got an email from the client asking if we can just shut the cameras off between the hours of 5pm and 9am. I thought going under each camera scheduler would do that but the only options I saw was recording, motion and other settings but not a timer.

Is this speed download or upload? I am only interested in the upload speed.
Surveillance system are usually made for 24/7. Get customers a password that you don´t publish on the web site. Everyone is used to that. Alternative is maybe to use Windows Task manager to start/stop the NCS service.
I am really starting to wonder about the slow video stream. Do you have the same slow stream

around 1 FPS on your location?
I am running different systems and one in Brasil. Using the web client I have very good video stream at 5-10 FPS with 720p cams and that is limited by the computer that is sort of overloaded and with an UL of 5Mbits.
Are the cameras on wifi? When you see the videos on the windows or web client on the computer that run NCS do you have a good video with 10-15FPS and running with good quality? If you disconnect 3 of the cams and only use one. Will that change the scenario?

Hi David,
Good news from Steve here concerning the logo in the upper left corner! Changing the url can be done in tpl/ShellAuthView.html file:


1 FPS?! Wow, no just cams #1-10.23 and #3-10.18 (outside cameras) are at that rate. At least the other two are at 3FPS. Ideally I want them higher. How do I get them to 5- 10?

I found that file and changed “#” to the homepage, It worked, thanks!

OK Mr!
All what you are asking for is in the text above. Sorry, but if you are going to solve this please pay attention to the following:

  1. “Sounds good. I boosted the bandwidth from under 20mbps to 75mbps” - what is the upload speed?
    2.“The cpu is an older 2gen dual core, thinking we might need to upgrade” - You are running 4 cams in 1280x720. That use a lot of cpu power. Check the CPU load in the Task Manager and you will most likely find it to be very high. What is it? Have you changed the “2gen dual core” to a better one?
    3.When you look on the video and the FPS at the same computer running NCS what is the FPS?
    4.Are the cameras on wifi? Long distance or low signal strength will lower the speed significantly.
    5.If you disconnect 3 of the 4 cams. Will the CPU load go down? Check FPS on the video and what is it? Check also the FPS on the video at a user location.
    6.How many users will probably look at this at the same time?

To get the 5-10 FPS you must sort these things out. The download speed for a user will also affect the final FPS on the users smartphone/tablet/computer.