Library Cleanup and Re-Indexing

Since I am already saving recordings directly onto my NAS, what is the best way to delete the recordings? For example, I have 9 months (Mar - Dec) of recordings from 9 different cameras. When my NAS got full, I stopped Netcam Studio X and manually deleted 4 month (Mar - June) of recordings and thumbnail. I kept everything from 01 Jul to now (Dec). When I restarted Netcam Studio X, the library is completely off. It can’t find anything for Jul - Sept, I confirm all those recordings are there on the NAS. It picked up a few days in Oct and Nov and almost everyday in Dec. I have tried identifying my local internal HD as the library location and then re-identify the NAS, hoping it will re-index. But that didn’t work. Now it show all the files on my internal HD and some of the files on the NAS.

Is there a way to re-index the library (Netcam has been running for almost a day now and still no change). What is the proper way to cleanup the NAS without having to delete one recording at a time through the library?

I have looked through the user manual and didn’t find the answer.


The best and easiest way is to use the built in automatic delete options, by days or GB, in NCS. Make sure you are using NCS 1.2.7 and .NET Framework 4.5.2. I had problems with NCS not deleting recordings also and did the following:

  1. Change storage of data to a new empty folder on the disk. Now NCS will create folders recordings and Thumbnails. After some data have been stored change back to where you have all the old files. Now it will start the re-indexing process. It takes time. I am using the maximum number of days. I am also using a NAS and I am not sure that the limit of GB will work using a NAS. Look under Administration if it displays the amount of disk or not.
  2. When using a NAS the WCF must be turned on. WCF is Windows Communication Foundation. It depends on which operating system you use. If you use a Windows Server version WCF must be turned on manually. If you use Win 7, 8, 10 … WCF should be turned on by default.
  3. Under Events you can see the deleting process when the maximum number of days is reached.