Library: files/folders not deleted after retention period

NCS 1.3.1 have been running for about 12 months now 24/7 with no problems on an HP server with Server 2008R2. The problem is that NCS do not delete all files after the end of the retention period.
The retention period is 35 days. The Library contains about 250 000 files. Each day is about 80 to 100 GB and about 5500 to 7500 files. The Library is located on a Synology NAS.
In the left over folders it can be from 1 to 10 files that are not deleted. I have been trying to find why these files are not deleted, but it is difficult. It is not about the number of files in the folder, it is not about when during the day the file is created, it is not about which camera, … The only thing I have discovered is that when several files have the same modified date as below it seems that some of them are not deleted.

I changed retention period from 35 days to 30 days to save space. Now the deletion do not work at all. It lost the info about the content of the library. I had to change folder and back to original folder and now it is re-indexing. That should not be needed.

The first problem with not deleting files after retention might be connected to how the indexing is made and stored? Just an idea for problem solving ;). Also, if is a lot of files and the storage is on an external NAS.


I will try to review how retenton / deletion is handled.

Probably @Mikhail_Burilov would have a more precise idea of the reason since he developed this part.

Hi @Mikhail_Burilov
I updated from NCS 131 to 137 on July 26 and made a reindexing of the files on my NAS. It´s been working fine with deletion of files, but today on August 2 it left 30 files in a folder.

Hi all! I’m trying to reproduce and fix this behavior. Not sure what can be the cause unfortunately.

If you need me to test something send me a mail.