Library manager- do not delete recordings

Retention time is set to 35 days and max to 0 GB. Library manager delete all the thumbnails after 35 days (not folders!), but leaves about 5% of the recordings. This result in a problem with space on the HD. This problem have been discussed before, but not resolved. I always remove the ld NCS before I install the new one.
NCS version 1.2.7 and Win server 2008, .NET Framework 4.5.3
New 1.2.7 is nice. Seems to be much faster than earlier versions.

I had feeling of faster 1.2.7 on my very unpowerful test system (small i3 running 24/7) but though it was just because of restarting the computer after running for weeks…

The problem with left over recording shouldn’t be here anymore since the recordings are directly added to library and indexed.

Do you know what is particular with the recordings which are left over ? (Just before a crash ?)

No crash! NCS never crash! I upgraded from 1.2.0rc1 to 1.2.7. I assumed that the new version would clean up everything that was older than 35 days. It seems that it works for Thumbnails where both files and folders are removed. Maybe it works for files from the time I installed 1.2.7 so I have wait for 35 days to see if it works? The library contains about 240 000 files. In the meantime I have to remove old files manually.

Maybe it’s just the files that were already here < 1.2.5 since we have modified the way to store / index the files (it’s a light database since 1.2.5 for performances reasons), it could be that the files that were already here from previous version haven’t been properly indexed and needs to be deleted manually.

However all files that have been recorded since 1.2.5 installation should be properly indexed and therefore be cleaned once their retention is over.

Thanks for quick response ;). Is it possible to re-index all the old files for the new 127 version?

@Mikhail_Burilov, Can you please answer :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s easy. Just change library path to some other folder and back. It will start indexing.
Better if you do it for empty folder so it doesn’t find any files. Otherwise it will be scanning wrong folder for too long and will not start process for the second change.
Another variant is to remove index file - but it’s not good idea.

Thanks a lot! I will do the empty folder approach!