Library Maximum Size Issue

Good day

I have a small issue, when I try to set the maximum size of the library to 1792 GiB it just resets it back to 1024 GiB.

Am I missing something?

I am using:
Netcam Studio (x64) v1.2.8.0
MS Server 2012 R2
DL320e G8

Thank you in advance.

Above 1024 you need to change the unit. so in this case you need to set 2TB.

Unfortunately there is no way to set something in between.


Thanks for the response. Problem is I only have 1.8TB available, not 2TB. I am using a retention period as well, I want it to start cleaning up if either of these are reached. I will play around a bit though.

Maybe you guys can include that in a later version?

Thanks for the help. :smile:

Maybe you can edit this directly in the Server.config file but the UI will not allow values above.