License invalid

Hello, I installed the program and purchased the license. All right before increasing PC memory. I installed the new memory perfectly recognized by bios and windows 7. I opened the program and, with my great surprise, requested the inclusion of the license key. I entered the key but the message: Hardware id: C4NAY-QJEFC … STATUS: INVALID LICENSE KEY.
what should I do to get the license granted?
I claim that I have installed the program and its license on a MAC and in windows 10 16gb without any problems.
Thank you

Hi Fabio,
The license is coupled to some hardware parameters, where the RAM is one of them. Just contact support from the netcam studio website and attach information about the license and what happened. They will release the license on the license server so that you can enter it again and have a fully licensed NCS.

Thanks for the quick answer. I forwarded the request yesterday indicating the issue and the license number but I did not have any answer. I am a priest and our Church is suburbs and in recent months has suffered several thefts … I hope I have responded. Thank you

Not good at all with these thefts! They are increasing everywhere.
Give it another 24h. If no answer, come back here.