License question


I’ve used Netcam Studio trial. Everything is perfect. Tell me, please, if I’ll want to buy 99$ version for 64 cameras, I’ll must pay one-time? Or this license only for 1 year? I was a little puzzled by this phrase: "You are eligible for free upgrades including major versions during 1 year following your purchase. "
Thank you.


It is a one-time license fee. Included in the license fee are upgrades during 1 year from date of purchase.


Perfect! Thank you very much!


Can I ask you another one question?
When 1 year shall past and I’ll can’t upgrade NCS free anymore, then I’ll “must” or I’ll “could” buy new versions of this application? In other words: did this old version still worked without upgrades after few years?
Thanks a lot.


So far this have not been a problem. However, it is important to know that if you keep and old version you must also keep the operating system (Wondows) that it is developed for. This is also important for the cameras that you use if they have spevific drivers developed for a version of Windows.