License template

Any idea when license plate for U.S. will be supported,

This have been up before so I checked at and they still don´t have US on their list of supported plates.
I forward this to our developer if he might have some more information @Mikhail_Burilov .

Yes, unfortunately we rely on 3rd party component for license plate recognition and it still doesn’t support US plates, which is honestly weird for me.
We’ll check for alternatives, but I wouldn’t count on it.

This tool supports License plate recognition - ANPR

Thanks for info. Since you are the guy behind the software you are also aware of that it a number of things that must work for an integration with another software like strategy, legal, financing, licensing, programming parameters etc. I forward this to @Mikhail_Burilov for a first investigation.

Yes, I’ve seen that before and we’ve tried trial version as far as I remember. I wasn’t impressed with it’s performance in standalone mode, I couldn’t find anything about integration into other software - except for only one short note on their webpage, and it costs too much. 100 Euro per camera.
Unfortunately, this is not an option

Hi Mikhail,
Thanks for report and obviously we have seen this one earlier and tested it.