Licenses inquiry

Hi everyone,

I began using Netcam Studio X a couple of months ago for win10 and was so impressed I purchsed a 4-cam license. Initially I was using my “main PC” as the server. However I decided to get myself a cheap used computer and make it my dedicated Netcam Server. I installed Netcam and installed the license key - all worked fine. After a couple of days I was not happy with the performance so made some upgrades (I added 16GB RAM, A modest GPU GTX 750Ti and an SSD). When I then launched Netcam it reverted to the trial version and My license key will not be accepted due to hardware changes. Because I made hardware upgrades in order for the software to run better do I really need to buy an additional license key?

Of cause not! The licensing process is based on the hardware and therefore the error. Send license number and explain why to and the license will be reset for new activation.

wonderful news, many thanks