Limited to 5 notifications even after purchasing license

I just purchased a full 4 camera license so that I could get the full 250 notifications instead of being limited to 5 notifications per day on the mobile app, but after I activated the license I am still only able to receive 5 notifications before it tells be I have to wait until tomorrow. Is there something else I need to change in the rules or something to extend the limit of notifications or is it some other issue?

Hi Jordan,
But I hope it tells you in a very polite way :wink: Sorry… No, nothing more to my knowledge. I forward this to @Steve .

Was it after the first day ?

Maybe for the current day and if it was in free version when starting the day, it registered the limit to 5 and hopefully it will be 250 for the next day.

Not really sure, this functionality is still in test for the time being but if needed I will investigate further on server-side if tomorrow the problem is still here.

Hi Steve, Thanks for replying, unfortunately no, I thought the same thing originally and waited 24 hours until I tried again but I am still getting the daily limit of 5 and the server logs are saying the push notification limit has been exceeded. The license has been active since the 3rd of July.

That is strange i have been doing some tests and all the instances with a license were properly able to send 250 push.

This service is not logging much information at this time so i need to increase logging and try to replicate the problem.

Looks like I finally fixed the problem, turns out I had to completely uninstall netcam studios and all of its files and folders and then reinstall a clean version and re-activate the license. Once I did that it worked and I am getting the full 250 notifications.