Linksys WVC80N camera support?

While installing a new linksys Wi-Fi router, I came across this Linksys wireless IP camera product, as an example usage of port forwarding and DHCP reservation. Of course I already use those network configurations with my Webcam-XP pro (v 5.6.10) setup, which currently works fine with USB connected cameras. Below is the link to this Linksys IP camera. While it looks like it can directly operate to send me camera views remotely with its own support software, it would be better if could let Webcam XP connect to it directly.

This camera is at least 10 years old so don´t buy this one. Actually, there is a template for that camera in WebcamXP for video. If you also want audio you must use the rtsp protocol and then also install the Universal Source Filter and maybe it will work. Nothing I recommend.

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