List of processors supporting Intel's Quick Sync Video (QSV)



As recent betas of NCS now support hardware QSV acceleration here is a list of Intel processors supporting this QSV feature :

btw : could be cool to show somewhere in NCS if the computer it is running on support QSV or not.


Unfortunately the gain of QSV vs Software decoding is very limited. The fact we are converting images to RGB to work on them (overlay, motion detection, send to web clients, etc…) is actually as intensive as the decoding itself and that’s why we didn’t advertise it so much.


I thought it would optimize performances but you say that what use most processor’s ressources is what you do with uncompressed frames so I get it when you say it do not help that much.

And for re-encoding ? QSV do both decode/encode but not all QSV capable processors support encoding.


Same for re-encoding, our source is always RGB frames so there is also quite some overhead here. Anyway, you can enable it if it’s supported it may improve a bit but won’t be day and night performance improvements.

If the CPU doesn’t support it, it will automatically fallback to Software decoder/encoder. Unfortunately we found no way to test / try if it’s supported without initialising it all and see if it succeeds. So just enable it and see if it’s any better.

On my test system QSV is enabled and used all the time, it’s actually not that new we added this as of 1.3.8 last year already. It just didn’t bring performances improvements that we were expecting…


OK thanx for the explanation


Which GPUs Support Intel-based Hardware Acceleration?

Clarkdale : only support H.264 decode
Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge/Broadwell: support both H.264 decode and encode
Braswell: H.264 encode + H.264/HEVC decode
Skylake: H.264/HEVC encode + H.264/HEVC decode
Apollo Lake: H.264/HEVC encode + H.264/HEVC 10-bit/VP9 decode
Kaby: H.264/HEVC/HEVC 10-bit/VP9 encode + H.264/HEVC 10-bit/VP9/VP9 10-bit decode