Live Video Stream Encoder

I installed the release 1.2.0 with Windows Server 2012 and i can´t activate Live Video Stream Encoder (the button is greyed out). the same problem occours with mjpeg strem encoder.
I allready installed the release 1.1.9 but the problem persists, can you please help me?

Can you please explain or post a screenshot of which button you are refering to ?

The live stream encoding on server side is automatically starting when a client is actually requesting a stream.

When i access “Features” from the vídeo source:

The button on/off on the top right corner is disabled for Live Video Stream Enconder and Mjpeg Stream Encoder, even when i´m requesting a vídeo from library from my phone.

This is because you cannot start or stop it manually, it’s automatically started on request when a client connects.