Live Video streaming settings not operating

I am using Virtual Studio X v I go to Configure Features/Live Video Stream Encoder the on/off slider doesn’t work. A previous post over 2 years ago suggested that was because it was not a control but just responded to connections, but this isn’t true. When I connect from a webpage (using the html generated by Netcam Studio) there is no change to the slider. Also changing settings on the Live Video stream encoder page has no effect on the streamed video.

Even with all the encoders shown as off under Configure Features Netcam Studio still appears to stream video as both Theora and as mjpeg. However I can find no way of controlling the resolution or frame rates. How do I do that?

On the Live Video Stream Encoder page the drop down box offers various streaming formats including H264. I think H264 is supported by Internet Explorer, which would be useful, but elsewhere Netcam Studio appears to only claim support for embedded video in Firefox and Chrome. Is H264 a so far unimplemented feature?

Not sure if the connected camera affects this but I am using a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000

-The Configure Features/Live Video Stream Encode has no effect so you can skip that one.
-When you use the HTML generator to embed code you can select from jpeg, mjpeg and OGG.
-The resolution is determined by the camera. NCS do not change that. Frame rate is set by camera and also in the NCS Settings for stream in clients.
-If you want to limit the used bandwidth when streaming to external website you can set up a user account for that camera. On that account you can set a maximum bandwidth.
-in the Settings - Encoding/decoding you can also set the quality for the Streaming.
-Embedded code works in IE, Chrome and FF. Use NCS 1.6.2 where an IE problem is fixed


Thanks Henrik. You say 1.6.2 supports streaming in IE. I thought IE did
not support Theora, or does 1.6.2 offer a different encoding? (I know IE
supports mjpeg but that is only 1 fps typically so not really video in
my book).


If IE support Theora I don’t know. NCS 1.6.2 fix a bug so the web client works as before. Jpeg is usually a couple of fps, but mjpeg is “normal” speed.