Locking NCS Client

Before I started using NCS a couple of years ago, I trialled a few, but NCS suites perfect, hence the reason I’m now using it with a paid license. However. One piece of software had a feature that I would love to see in NCS. Basically when the client is running, can we have an option to “lock” it, so that the cameras are on display but ALL options are greyed out? With the only way to unlock it to be to click a button to unlock (and entering our user name and password”. I’m wanting this because my wife my be getting her own business (and I’ll be getting another license for this) and it’ll be good to stop prying staff clicking random things on the client without unlocking it first (staff won’t have login details :blush: ). If need be I can provide details of the software that has this feature :slight_smile: @Henrik @Steve

Thanks for the suggestion. An alternative is to create a user with permission only to veiw certain cameras by win or web client. Yes, you need to logout/login again but it is a function that exist.

That may work for us. If I give the user account minimum permission to only view the cameras, so they can be on the screen but no settings can be changed. Great idea thank you :+1:

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