Login failed NetcamStudio Client to local static ip with https

Using Netcam Studio with Let’s Encrypt Free TLS/SSL Certificates works fine with browser as well as the iOS NetcamStudio Client App and nginx proxy to the local ip:8100.

The https access in the local network to the static ip:8100 with the browser also works under iOS.

But the entry in the iOS NetcamStudio Client App of the local ip with port 8100 and enabled HTTPS/SSL brings the following error message:

“Login failed: Http failure response for (unknown url):0 Unknown Error”

I am grateful for any tip

OS: Windows 11 Pro Version 22H2 (Build 22621.1265)
NetcamStudioSvc64 v1.9.5.0
iOS 16.3.1

This proxy server setup is over my knowledge just now, but I am happy that worked with NCS.
For https it’s the same situation as in Android. Let’s encrypt is an accepted authority. Is the Windows client working?
Have you installed a root certificate from Let’s Encrypt in iOS?

Hi Henrik,

yes Windows Client is working well and certificate was installed on iOS (iOS Client with remote access was working too).

To eliminate this problem and make it more simple at the same time, so that I no longer have to use different profiles (local/remote) with the iOS client, I have now additionally installed the bind9 DNS, so that I automatically have access via my sub domain internally as well as externally.

And it currently works great :wink:

Hi Udo,
Excellent! Thanks for information and a great job!
I must learn this and how to set it up!
Do you still need the nginx proxy server or is it enough with the bind9 DNS?

Hi Henrik,
sorry for delay …without nginx i have no secure access to NetcamStudio and because I wanted to integrate the NetcamStudio streams/javascripts of the cameras in my home control of course.

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