Login failed: Timeout has occurred

Hi, I’ve been using NetcamStudio and WebcamXp for years now, and I think I can say that I’ve mastered all of the usefull features and tweaks of it. But There has been one small thing that has been bothering me for quite some time now.

I live in Italy, and here “high-speed internet” has a different meaning than in many other parts of the world. I have a 6Mbps/51kbps connection at home, where I’m hosting my netcam server (My ISP even calls this connection “POWER” - I kid you not!).

On my local subnet I use the app on various Android devices, which works like a charm (despite the fact that one needs to login over and over again when switching between apps). But as soon as I try to connect from the internet, the connection times out.
This behavior seems to be consistent also on other devices (I’ve only tried Android’s) at various locations
(even abroad). However when I use the web-interface from a PC, and wait long enough the server page loads up just fine. using a browser (Linux - Firefox - Chrome) on my phone also gives a timeout.

The issue should not be related to the internet connection of my mobile devices, I only use Wi-Fi Connections (at work I just tested 36Mbps/38Mbps on Wi-Fi and 326Mbps/78Mbps on Ethernet)
(Yes, I have a dynamic IP at home and a working DynDNS subscription, the results remain the same when I use my hostname or temporary assigned IP address)

I believe that the timeout setting in the mobile application is maybe just to short (or is this a general Android setting), Would it be possible to increase the timeout? or potentially even a lighter webpage that responds quicker?

Thanks for all your help.

Hi Vik,
Well, I agree that you have a good control over it all! Just to clarify, your Power connection is 6Mbps/512kbps I assume.
Yes, timeout is when there is no connection or to slow. However, I don’t know if the timeout is specific for NCS APP or if it is an Android thing.
Some suggestions for testing:
0.on the computer at home run speedtest.net and see what the real DL/UL speed is. Is it only NCS that use the line or is it something else that use the 512 kbps UL?
1.When you use webcamxp do you have the same problem when using chrome browser on your Android device? I am asking because webcamxp web client is lighter than the NCS web client.
2.For some versions ago the NCS web client was reworked to the one in NCS 1.6. The older web client was a little bit lighter. Can you test an older version of NCS like 1.3.x? We will not go back to the old web client.
3.Running videos through a 512kbps line is difficult. When looking in real time or on a recording it is a very slow connection.
4.Is possible to squeeze the UL to 1 Mbps?
5.Have you checked to use the mobile network 3G or 4G. These can sometimes be better than a cable connection.


thanks for your considerations Henrik,

to quickly respond to your questions:

  1. My Up/Down speed is more or less equal to what is promised by the ISP (thus 6M/512k).
    NCS is indeed the only service consuming upload bandwidth.
  2. I currently don’t have Wxp Installed on my router so I can’t immediately test but will do next week.
  3. I currently have two version of NCS running: One being NetcamStudioX and the other: some older version ,but there’s no significant difference noticable. On the older server still has the link to http://m.netc.am which also causes a timeout on my mobile)
  4. It’s not about running video’s, Its about not being able to even log-in or even access the server.
  5. doubling the capacity of my Internet subscription would triple the cost / month. so, No that is not an option.
  6. As I said I don’t have a mobile network other than Wi-Fi. and for sure these won’t be able to give better speeds than what I’ve just tested here at work: (36Mbps/38Mbps on Wi-Fi and 326Mbps/78Mbps on Ethernet)