Logitech Orbit MP PTZ

I have been using the software for a number of days now, and have found it the perfect solution for my home security setup.
I’ve tried various different methods to build my setup, using probably over a dozen or so software packages that claim to be what I need. From Zoneminder (Headache), to WebcamXP.

I still have one problem however, despite WebcamXP and Webcam7 having full PTZ support for my camera, I have no option within Netcam to use the PTZ features.
I am perfectly happy to allow remote access to the camera via USB over IP, or Teamviewer, so long as I can possibly gain PTZ functions again which is the main priority for my setup.

I do hope you can help, some basic information about the camera:

There’s software PTZ support for a lot of USB cameras, except mine.

Thanks, and I do hope someone can help, or AT LEAST find an alternative that allows remote PTZ functions to be controlled, so I may add it to the online interface in some way.

Hi Joshua! Glad you like Netcam Studio. I am not the USB cam expert so, therefore, I will direct this to our expert in the field as @Steve and let him give you an answer… Thanks for the possibility for the remote access.

Thank you very much, I would really appreciate if this could be a feature that could be added, as I’ve seen a few posts on the forum also requesting a similar function. Hope Steve the expert will be fine with connecting remotely.

If it’s of any help, I also do have a spare that I can connect to a dummy virtual machine through ESXI that he can play around with as long as necessary. (Then I don’t have to disconnect my other Orbit camera) :slight_smile:

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon!

Unfortunately the support for USB cameras is really limited in Netcam Studio and doesn’t give us as much possibility as webcamXP was giving.

Netcam Studio is written in .NET language with limited access to the Directshow API, on the other end in webcamXP / webcam 7 we were in native lower-level language and this allowed us to send directly codes to control the Logitech. I really doubt that we can achieve the same. This is also why Netcam Studio suffers from limitations regarding USB camera (connecting 2 cameras of the same brand for instance) which webcamXP didn’t.

This camera doesn’t use the standard way for controlling PTZ in Directshow and it was already very tricky to put in place in webcamXP however I’ve managed at the time, now honestly I doubt that I will again invest time into a custom module for this camera since this model is not even sold anymore.

Thank you for the very informative response, I can understand the difficulty and see why it’s not a massive priority being an very old camera!

As for an alternative, is it possible for me to have WebcamXP run the Orbit, and pass PTZ to Netcam by any chance? I have the resources to run both simultaneously, and if so, how?

On an unrelated note, I have two cameras running with their microphones enabled, but the stream falls out of sync with the sound, and eventually stops recording entirely, is that an orbit related issue?

Much appreciated, thanks for your time and for a worthy program that works within my needs to sacrifice manually having to move the camera within the driver settings. :slight_smile:

Yes it should be possible to connect them in webcamxp and then connect webcamXP to netcam studio using webcamXP templates but then in this case it’s the audio that you won’t have.

when streaming it can be a little delay for the audio however it shouldn’t be the case while recording and it should be a constant delay (not an increasing one).

Hello again, Steve.

I’ve had success with forwarding the feed from WebcamXP to Netcam and it works very well with PTZ showing in netcams feed and interface. Only one issue, I do not know how to limit the FPS from either the feed, or Netcam, and this causes drag on my system. (using ESXI with virtual machines, and it’s using a good proportion of CPU cycles). I can limit the FPS by using the bandwidth limit feature within WebcamXp, however it causes jolts and very strong lapses in the footage. Such as only showing 8fps with a half second gap of no frames between them.

Still haven’t resolved the sound issue with the delay, as it will still cut out after an hour or so and not capture or stream any sound.
Sorry these are becoming complicated issues, I just hope the feedback is valuable enough to find a resolution for it.

Also, is there a way to have both cameras (one USB, one IP feed from webcamXP) to use a universal microphone for the recordings?

Thanks, and thank you for your replies.