LOREX LNC234 wireless HD network camera


Has any one had any success adding a LOREX LNC234 to there network??


What I can see from the specifications of the camera it use h.264 codec and it has audio. Question is the URL. I suggest that you test the following in Netcam Studio.
-add the camera using the tab Custom URL.
-set Stream type to mpeg4 or rtsp_tcp. You have to test.
-In address write this URL

With that URL you should have video and audio. Please, report back how it goes.

Good luck,


With the Lorex camera & DVR systems I have worked with in the past, even though they call their cameras composite, they appear to be proprietary…
I have attempted to connect them to WebCamXP with no success, never tried with netcam studio.
When I opened a camera to repair the cable, there is a extra pc broad, which I assume is creating the proprietary connection…

Their systems are also very specific to 720p, 960p, etc… a camera from 960p will not work on 720p and vice versa…

I was also unable to get a composite camera to work on the Lorex DVRs…


In WebCamXP there are Lorex cams, but not the model LNC234. How to communicate with this LNC234 is different from the listed ones so therefore it will not work. Some manufacturers are very informative when it comes to communication protocols and some are very secret about this. Finding the correct URL is really the million dollar question. I hope the above URL works. If not, some extra work is needed :slight_smile:.


I played around with the custom url trying to get it to work but no luck, although when i try to add it in the network camera tab under the description it comes up with (mini_httpd/1.19 19dec2003) I don’t know if this is important to the rstp settings


To continue I need access to the camera. If that´s OK I will send you a PM for exchange of details.
Test also:


I also have a lorex LNC234 and am not able to view the stream except by using lorex’s LView application. Henrik, pm me and i will provide details and access to my lnc234 for you