Lost local server connection

Hi all. I have been using the free version of Studio X for some time to do some development and evaluation of ISP 32 Cam bare IP camera boards. Up until now, all has been well. Yesterday however, my iPhone did a major software update and when I went to check the Studio X remote viewing app on it, the available servers field was empty. Previously, there was one ‘local’ one and one ‘external’ one in the list, and both had always connected without issue. It has been long enough ago that I can’t remember where those addresses came from. I have managed to re-instate the external 86.x.xx.xxx port 8100 one, and that now connects again flawlessly via the phone network. However, I have been completely unable to arrive at the correct address again for the local network. At one point it filled in, again with port 8100, and the default admin user name and password, but all I get if I try to connect to this is a timeout error message. What am I doing wrong, or where do I find the address of the local server ? Thanks

The local IP number is the same IP number as for the computer that Netcam Studio is running on.
In the router you must have made a port forward from 86.xxx.xxx to the computer with IP 192.168.x.x. That IP number is what you are looking for.
In the browser enter 192.168.x.x:8100 Netcam Studio will respond and ask for user and password. If you have not changed anything default is admin and 1234.