Low FPS only with NCS, direct = fine


I had thought the low FPs were related to a cheap wifi ip camera I am using but yesterday my Hikvision 4mp arrived.

I can view via the web browser direct to my hikvision and see is sat solid at 20 fps, I can change this to 25fps if I drop the resolution a little and the limit it 25fps on any resolution below that.

NCS unfortunately plays back video between 8-12 fps. I had thought this was my server (E3-1220 12gb ram and a SSD among other drives) to be the problem so I just set this up on my games PC. 4.4ghz X99 chipset 12 core, 16gb RAM and a lot of SSD’s running it all and I get the same poor FPS.

My network is all gb with good throughput and the routers report low traffic low CPU so it isn’t that, even my server will show the full 25fps if I use my browser direct to the hikvision.

Any ideas why NCS doesn’t want to show it at it’s rated FPS?

FYI cpu usage is about 4% on the games PC!



Hi Gareth,
With that very nice hardware I would also expect more. I am myself running different server with i3, i7, E3-1220, … processors and I just tested and got at least 20 fps through NCS. However, it is very important to make a correct comparison. Viewing in a web browser usually gets the best result since that´s really the highway between camera and video. NCS is so much more and even if the cpu load is low it depends on the processor. The megapixel cameras are a also a challenge that demands a lot of work.
I think it is interesting to start with the cheap wifi cam since that probably have a lower resolution than the 4mp camera. Viewing camera in web client usually tends get best result for fps. Check the settings for the client in NCS. Important for fps is the bit rate, Mbit/s. Check that when viewing the cam in browser and web client. How is the camera connected to NCS? As mjpeg, mp4 or h.264 compared to browser.


Hi Henrik.
Direct web browser to cameras results in 20fps each, the 4mp cam is capped at 20 and runs fine at it, the 720p cheap PTZ I have in my toddlers room also runs at it’s capped value quite happily even on WiFi (it will be hard wired once the kit moves into the loft)

Even when NCS is running as a service and any teamviewer sessions are shut leaving the server with the least workload (as in it only runs NCS) I still get the same slow frame rates viewing NCS via a web browser.

I should also add it can take up to 10 seconds to start feeding the image via NCS via a browser on the local network while I sit looking at the final frame form the last session?

A little stumped :frowning:



“I should also add it can take up to 10 seconds to start feeding the image via NCS via a browser on the local network while I sit looking at the final frame form the last session?” Here is something definitely wrong. I assume that you are using the web client connected to NCS here.
-what operating system is used?
-I am interested to know the bitrate. Run NCS X or as service on one computer and run the web client on the other computer. Use the Task manager to see the speed on the stream when 1 camera is viewed in the web client. What do you get?
-can I get access to one of the computers with Teamviewer? If OK, I send you a PM for exchange of details.



PM away Henrick. I will let you loose on the server to have a look.

720p steams about 23 mb/s and it will go to 30+ with the 4mp cam.

Running server 2016.