Low frame on mobile app

I buy netcam studio 1.7.2. for (64 bit). It’s optimized for virtual machine?. I used XCP-ng based on XenServer.
I build a virtual machine (win 10 on 64 bit) with 5 vcpu’s x 2 cores and 12 gb ram. I have a nvr hikvision with 11 cameras with 8mp, plus 1 camera with 3 mp.
I routed all camera to go through the netcam studio.Only view, no record or something else, but when i’m conecting from netcam mobile app, all 10 core’s up on 90-100% for 30 - 40 seconds.
I have about 40 users (witch use only mobile app) in mode view, but when 5 users or more, are connected, the image starts to run very slowly, it is no longer smooth on mobile app.
Sorry for my bad english.

If you send these 9 cameras with that high number of megapixel to NCS it will certainly use a lot of resources even only for viewing What processor configuration do you have?
You might need the highres for recording in the NVR, but do you really need that for viewing in the mobile app? I would suggest that you use a stream from the NVR with a much lower resolution and feed that to NCS. Why not connect directly to the NVR?