Maginon Cameras

I am a former WebcamXP-User. But i used the last Years Livecams Pro on iOS for my NetCams.
But now i check again for a Software for Windows (for recording). My Cisco and ALLNET Cam are Supported.
But I have also MAGINON
IPC-25HDC (with HD-Format)
IPC-100HD (with HD-Format)
Do you plan to integrate these 4 Webcams to yout Software?


Hi Armin and welcome to the forum.

I searched for the Maginon cams and I found some information about them. If you need only the video it might be possible to add the cameras to NCS using the tab for Custom URL. Then we need to find the correct URL. If you want video and PTZ is gets more tricky since we need to make a template that includes both the URL for the video and also the commands for the PTZ. How to communicate with the camera is always a little detective work and especially to find the commands for PTZ. The manufacturers hide these very well quite often ;). The cameras do not have onvif and it seems that they only support mjpeg. Quite often the camera can work with a template from another brand so that is always an option for testing.