Mail picture IOS10

Since Apple released IOS10 I keep getting the same picture in my alert mails.
It seems there can be a hefty delay in mail delivery too. Sometimes duplicates.
At my PC or MBA i get new pictures in all mails as it always been.
I am using Gmail in both ends.

Some kind of setting in my phone?


Since it works with other systems it seems to be a problem between ios10 and gmail. Search on the internet for this and you will find that there are problems.

Changed sending mail to my isp and recieving to icloud.
Still have the same result at my phone, but it works fine on PC or MAC.

But I can confirm that Netcam runs fine on server 2016, I used 2012R2 before.
Maybe thats a problem?


I doubt that a change of server software should affect that, but you never know … I would run NCS on the 2012R2 with a cam just to sort things out.
Nice to read that NCS works fine on server 2016 also ;).

tried some different mail apps and none worked.
so tried microsoft outlook app and that one works.

someone is joking? a microsoft app works better than the native apple app lol