Major lag on cameras


I am sure it is my set up and in-expertise.

I have four generic hd cameras set up feeding a small server running the latest version of netcam Studio server.

The cameras have been set to 720p with “worst” quality using custom url rstp tcp.

The server plus three mini win 10 boxes attached to TV’s to display in a 4 camera view.

My problem is there is often a 1-2 minute lag between an action happening and it being displayed, ie. I can walk in the door and then go sit down and watch for me to come in the door!

For the network I am using 2000AV homeplugs and a Gigabit switch but this is attached to a 10/100 Modem/Router.

Any ideas appreciated, I know I probably haven’t given enough information but any pointers appreciated.

Hi Jason,
Well, 1-2 minutes is really a lot! To sort this out we need to start and the computer running NCS.
-You say it is a “small server”. What is the CPU load on the server/computer? On the monitor connected to that computer do you have the lag there?
-In NCS, if you only have one camera active do you still have the lag?
-I am not quite sure what this setup means “The server plus three mini win 10 boxes attached to TV’s to display in a 4 camera view.”?
-The Gigabit switch and Modem/Router is not a problem.

  • This homeplug is for me very suspicious. I am not sure where these homplugs are located in the network chain, but they might be problem here.
    -how are the cams connected to the network, by cable or wifi?

If the NCS computer is connected to the router via homeplugs I would put a cable between the computer and the router to see what happens.


Hi Henrik,

Thanks for the fast reply.

The server is a dedicated HP Proreliant Server and typically runs at 20 - 30 % CP, the lag is on all displays including the server.

The other displays are powered by mini PCs, similar to PC on a stick solutions, they are the size of an android TV box or Roku.

The network is network over power lines using the latest AV2000 which test well for other network traffic.

I will try some cabling to see if I can improve that way before taking further steps.

In a system I am also using a Proliant server with no problems. I should go for the homeplugs. Real time video is rather different from other network traffic.
Good luck and please report back how it goes.