Make old iPhone useful? App WebOfCam/ wifi canera

I’ve use Manything for years on my old iPhone 3GS running iOS 6. Obviously, I can’t use the Netcam Studio camera app, as it requires iOS 8. I’ve tried a few webcam streaming options that stream to an IP address, to no avail. I’m not sure if I’m not selecting the correct “brand” of camera, or if the apps I’m using aren’t possible to be used with Netcam. Any suggestions/fixes would be appreciated.

Hi Jordan and welcome to the forum.
Yes, this is certainly a challenge and especially when you are running iOS6. I have search for this and as you say most Apps require a newer iOS to work or Apps have been canceled. As for any IP cam it is necessary to have the correct URL how to communicate between the App and NCS. When you have that it is rather straight forward by using Custom URL.
As a start can you give me what you found and working on the iPhone and I will see if can take it further.

On my Android I have tested IP webcam and it works fine with NCS. After some search I found that it is also available for iPhone. I am not sure about required iOS. I have not tested this at all so I have no idea what might happen. It is on your own risk ;)… You can find it here The interesting part is that when you connect to it using a browser you get information what URL to use for communication. In NCS use the Template Android - IP webcam and set http port to 8080 (it that is what is used)


I am using the Home Streamer app ( I can’t use the IP Webcam app you listed, as I cannot find it on Apple’s app store. This app that I am using provides an IP address, or I can set it up to provide an actual local URL. I’ve tried a few others without success. I tried using the Android - IP webcam set to the ports you mentioned and I couldn’t get it to work. I had entered the IP address provided on the screen by the IOS app and the test failed. Should I be using the IP address given by the app on the old iPhone, or should I set it up to provide a URL instead? Thanks!

The IP Webcam I talk about is not in Apples App Store since it is to old. You download it from the link that I gave above. Install it and connect to it using a browser with the http address and port that it tells you to use. With this app you can probably use the Android-IP webcam with IP and port that the app tells you to use. For Home Streamer you can not use Android-IP webcam configuration since they most likely use different URLs.

Home Streamer shouldn´t be impossible to use with NCS at least video. Unfortunately, you cannot test it in a browser since that need iOS7 it says. In the description of the APP they show this picture

It shows 3 different IP number and I am not sure which one to use.

What you say about set it up to provide an URL is very interesting since that should be complete with IP and more. So check that.


I cannot download an IOS app not in the app store to use on an iPhone. As for the IOS required, it only requires, I think IOS 4.0 or later. Regardless, it works on my 3GS iPhone. It does show the picture that you posted. The first address is the address of the “camera” and the lower two ip addresses are the addresses of any additional computers connected to the “camera” (i.e. phone using the app) through their web browsers. I’ve tried inputting the supplied IP address given by the app without success. But, as stated, I have no idea which “brand” camera to use when setting up the NCS feed.

Ok, final chance. Test the following:
-when you add a camera use the tab Custom URL

-set Stream type to jpeg or mjpeg. Test them.
-in Address write the URL http://192.xxxx that is for the camera.
-If it is login to the camera write http://username:password@192.xxxxx/
-save and see if there will be a video.

To get the video from the camera to NCS we must have the correct URL.

Good luck,

Error in CameraDownloader
Parameter is not valid. :frowning: I tried both JPEG and MJPEG.

Ok, then I am out of ideas. I got an old iPhone with iOS7 from my sister for testing and I have been searching a lot and it is popular to convert old iPhones to IP cameras. However, iOS6 is difficult. So far I have found free versions, but then you must sign up to a service or they work only in a browser or … Then there are some paid versions that support iOS6 that seems very interesting where it streams in mjpeg and can be shown on any device. I have not tested the paid versions.


I am not giving up so easy ;). I borrowed an iPhone4 with iOS7 from my sister and I found this app in Apple Store called WebOfCam that works on iOS 4.3 on

Install and start the app. On the screen it will display the URL as http://IP-number:8080
From an analysis of the network stream I found that the complete URL is:


If you enter that URL in Firefox or Chrome or VLC the video from the camera should show up. It may take some seconds before it shows up. My only concern it the sessionID. I am not sure if that is valid for all these apps or if is specific for each iPhone ? If it doesn´t work this might be the case. Then you must find the specific sessionId for your iPhone which is not that difficult.

Test also to only use http://IP-number:8080/video.jpeg This should give a jpeg picture.

In NCS add the camera using the tab Custom URL. Set Stream Type to MJPEG and in the address field write the complete URL as above.

Please, report back how it goes.


I’ll give it a shot. I actually tried that app earlier, without the longstring url you posted. Although, even with past apps, I’ve been able to see the video stream using a browser. The problem is getting a video steam through NCS. Would this likely work for that?

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!! Works perfectly! Thanks!

Excellent! :slight_smile:
I will generate a template for this one!

I am aware of this thread for Android phone reuse.

For Apple iPhone/iPad (reusing an old Apple iDevice as an IP addressable security/webcam which NCS can utilize) is this the most up-to-date solution?
On investigating “Web Of Cam” app, now apparently called 'Wi-Fi Camera", the app reviews seem to indicate it’s a redirect/upsell for another ‘Alfred’ solution and there’s not much information about whether that works properly, etc.

I have one of the kid’s older iPads (iPad 3rd Gen circa '12) which i have propped up at my L-deskside at this point solely as a FaceTime device to keep in touch with some people via video call from those who have/prefer FT (in my life/pocket, i’m personally an Android user). That said, it’s pointed (side view) directly at my desk/PC area… so would be a good way to keep an inconspicuous eye on my desk/computer area when i’m not sitting in front of it in the event that someone else enters & parks themselves there…

As with IP cameras there might be many different apps for Android and iOS that convert smartphone and tablets to IP cameras that can be connected to Netcam Studio. They can be connected to Netcam Studio ether by the tab for ONVIF Source or the tab for Custom URL. There are likely new apps developed all the time, but as usual important is the connection using ONVIF or Custom URL. Which app to pick, test them and pick the one you like.