Make scroll down in library synchronized with Item's height


when fast reviewing the videos scrolling down I noticed that the scroll steps can do “half thumbnails” scroll so when you are trying to fast scroll a lot of thumbnails it is very difficult to follow with the eyes that must adapt to the “half” position of next line of thumbnails.

What about making the scroll down “synchronized” with Thumbnails+label height this would make quick reviewing much easier.


Had a closer look at this and i’m really not sure I want to change the way it works. Right now it’s the exact behaviour of windows explorer (because the component we use is a trying to behave exactly the same way).

Also if you use the arrow keys to navigate in the library, then you’ll have exactly the scrolling as you want it (aligned exactly on rows) so to me it seems fine like it is.

Yes keyboard is ok, I didn’t use it since a while as in older versions I remember it couldn’t scroll down once first pack of 48 thumbs was reach so now I can go for keyboard but can you activate the DEL key for deletion as you deactivated it when you made the new Library interface, same for ENTER that do not start VLC.

yes, adding back support for Delete Key we’ll do.

@Mikhail_Burilov is also looking forward to fix multi-selection you’ve reported here:

He did this new library module so he’s more familiar with it than I am :slight_smile:

oh yes this one is tricky to explain but I guess easy to reproduce :wink:

Did you read my very last edit of previous message about adding ENTER key to lauch VLC ?

Restored support for Enter and Delete keys.

Test on 1.6.0 it works, buit still Deleting a Video always make selection go to top gallery

According to info

  • It doesn’t includes the new changes in the library screen as they are not ready so it will probably come with 1.6.1 or 1.6.2

OK no problem, as DELETE +ENTER keys were part of “library screen” and has been fixed in 1.6.0 it was just for info :wink: