Making Netcam Studio startup with Windows

Is there a way of getting it to run where windows starts,cos I have to login and click on it to running it on my bedroom PC that I use just for my webcams,The main PC i use in in my front room,and I connect to my Bedroom PC remotely

I was looking on here and came across Netcam Studio Service,you can run it as a service,so it will runn without the need to logon,how do I set it up…?

Netcan Studio Service will start when Windows start. Set it up like this.

  1. Exit NCS completely.
  2. NCS console and NCS Service cannot run st the same time since they use the same resources.
  3. Go to Windows Services and find Netcsm Studio. Start that service.
  4. Double-click on the Service and confugure NCS to start automatically with Windows.
  5. To control NCS use NCS Client, red icon.