Maximum concurrent user

We are new with webcam 7 Pro product. we are streaming 4 cameras via HTTP that installed on a VM - Windows Server 2012R2. (16GB RAM and 4 CPU)
Is there a limitation of concurrent users that can go to the web site and view the streaming?
Is there a way to perform a load test that will simulate different user that consume the content ?


The limit is the number of connections the OS allows so on a windows server 2012 it’s really high.

The load isn’t very different between having 1 user massively consuming or a lot of users consuming “normally”, you need to setup a tool so that it pulls as much as possible of cam_1.jpg or .mjpeg sessions from the web server

Thank you for the answer. Just to make sure, the number of connection can be around 500?

Yes, it may however vary from one edition of WS2012 to the other. Enterprise has no limit.

Anyway it’s still suggested that you run the load test to ensure that everything is fine for your usage.