Microseven camera compatibility

I have a Microseven MYM7 outdoor IP camera. This particular camera appears to exist under several different brand names.

Does anyone know why Microseven still does not exist as a brand option in Netcam Studio?
I even had microseven tech support and netcam studio talking to each other but nothing has come of it.

I have only been able to get this camera to work in Netcam Studio when I trick Netcam into thinking that this is a Hikvision brand camera.

I can get this camera to stay working for a couple of days but then it stops working in Netcam without explanation. When I right click on the feed for the camera and choose “edit video source” I find that the brand and model number mysteriously go missing. The IP address and password stick around. As soon as I enter the brand and model that work with this camera the the feed will appear again. What explains this behavior and how do I fix the problem?

There is no templates currently probably because it’s a cheap clone from another camera. This is very often the case and it’s why usually you can find information on forums or articles that it’s compatible with other existing templates in most softwares.

There is no trick behind using a template for the generic or the original brand, if there is a good reason or if it became requested by several users then specific templates may be created in the future.

Apparently they pretend that it’s compatible with ONVIF so it should also be possible to connect it this way but using a compatible template is fine as well.

The other “problem” about brand / model disappearing is really strange since it has never been reported by anyone before but looks more like the Netcam Studio Client lost connection to Netcam Studio Server (or Service) which could result in not being able to retrieve the list of templates and displaying them. Could be due to session timeout or because the user account that was used has been modified but I doubt that the software just suddently stopped remembering the brand and model to use.