Migrate from one server to another one is it possible?


Hi all!
In this time I have a question for you. We need to test a NCS Server in another server to compare the performance with the one that we are using nowadays. Is there a way to migrate the configuration of the cameras? Because if this is not possible, we have add and configure them one by one.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi there in Argentina!

Yes, that is no problems. If it is just for testing do the following:
1.install NCS on the new computer. It will be the free version with 2 cameras and all the rest of the cameras will have a red banner over them.
2.copy the following files from the old computer to the new computer on the corresponding location. The files are located here
C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server
The important files are within the red frame

In the file named Server you have all the cameras and it´s URLs.
3.when you start NCS on the new computer you should have all the cameras going. The 2 first cameras will be normal and the rest of the cameras will have a red banner over them since the license is not for that new hardware. But, you can test everything since it is working with all cameras.
4.do not rum NCS on both computers at the same time since many cameras can only deliver one stream at a time.
5.if you want to keep it on the new computer you must contact support (from the web site) and ask them to release the license from the old hardware. When that is done you can use the same license number for NCS in the new computer and it will run there.

It is always interesting to read about these tests with what hardware and what types and how many cams. If you can share that with us here in the community it is very much appreciated.

Good luck!


Thank you so much Henrik, you’ve just saved me a lot of time. I made a post before where I asked for the Best hardware specifications for NCS Server (sorry didn’t answer back btw). In that post I wrote about the server that we currently have with the quantity of sources and asked for what I mentioned in the title. So before buy new hardware, we are going to test NCS Server in an IBM server and see how it works.

I’ll try this and then I’ll tell you how it goes.



I am trying to do the same thing here, but with the 64bit version. Those files do not appear in the folder. This is for netcam studio 1.6.1. Can you please advise?


The folder ProgramData is by default a hidden folder so you need to make it visible. However, is it already visible what do you have in that folder?