Minimize android app = logout


not sure if it’s a bug or a feature, but when you minimize the android app, and reopen it, you have to select the cam system again, and go again to the right view. This is not very handy. It could be that this is done from a security point of view, but when you just switch to your email to check a timestamp and back to netcamstudio within a couple of seconds, I don’t think it makes sense.
Maybe it’s in idea to put a (configurable) number of seconds before forced logout when minimized, and/or force logout the app when the screen is locked (

PS: sorry for the many posts :slight_smile:

I would say it is a mixture of things. Both that you can have several servers in the app and the security. Maybe also that the App is not seen as the primary working tool for the moment, but that might change.
Keep posting! That´s how we all learn! Not by the posting, but from the interesting content ;). After some thinking, mobility is there today. The area of surveillance is a rather traditional business when it comes to how it runs. Maybe it is of interest to put more effort in the development of the App? I have no idea of App development or how much you can put in an app or the security …, but it is interesting.