Minor issues and questions

NCS has been solid since I installed it a couple of days ago. The bug with the video and NAS setting have been fixed and stable. Thanks for the great work and quick update. Here is a few minor issues that I notice.

  1. With the Axis PTZ cameras, when in web client view, the “zoom” is backward. When I click “+”, it zoom out, when I click “-”, it zoom in.

  2. Can the web client start up with the password field empty? Look like it is remembering the last logon, but there is a 4 character password too (not the correct one that I am using).

  3. I looked through your NSC 1.0 user manual you’ve recently posted. But I was not able to find how you can re-arrange camera views. For example, I want to move source #5 to the #1 position in a multi-view setting. If that feature doesn’t exist, can it be requested/added?

  4. From my original post, I am still unable to get the main stream (1080P) to display from my HD camera. It will, however, display the sub stream (640x480). I did installed the VLC-64 as you suggested and I am able to display the main steam from VLC with rtsp.

Here is what I selected in NCS:

Template: Dahua
Model: IPC-HFW3200CN
Video Present/Resolution: JPEG (selected), RTSP Sub (blank when selected), RTSP Main H264 (blank when selected)
HTTP Port: 8080
RTSP Port: 554
Source: 1 (tried switching to other source # but no changes)

From my UC ONVIF camera software, it show the model as NVS-DM36X-HD. I brought several of these cameras at http://www.ebay.com/itm/HD-CCTV-Network-5-0-Megapixel-2592-1920-5MP-10fp-3MP-1080P-IP-Camera-POE-APP-P2P-/111581946041?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19facd60b9.

Again, thanks for all the supports. Will definitely purchase the license today.

Thanks for purchase decision.

  1. You can send us the IP camera internet access, I will check the PTZ in its template and correct it if it is incorrect.
  2. The password might have been saved by your internet browser setting. You can check its settings to clear the saved password for the NCS web client address.
  3. Can you send me the IP camera internet access so that I can test its main stream?

Please send me your email address and I will email you the camera access info.

You can send email to son@webcamxp.com

Any luck with the 2 cameras I have given you access to?

Dear @myyodamail
I found your request. I will check them and get back to you asap. I have just back to support after my sick leave.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello @myyodamail

  1. Axis 213 PTZ control: I have just install the latest version NCS and test your Axis 213 PTZ and the Zoom control works properly. You can install the current version NCS and try again. I used template Axis 213 PTZ.
  2. Your second IP camera is very likely to be AOTE TEK HD IP camera, I can find its JPEG streams:

Main Stream:(HD)
Sub Stream:
These above streams can be connected in NCS as custom target URL and stream type is JPEG

Perhaps you have not configure RTSP forwarding for this IP camera so that I can not check its RTSP streams. However, please give a try on your VLC to see if the below streams work:


My current paid version installed is

The zoom “issue” (backward) is only when I log into the Netcam web “portal” (i.e. When I go to my Axis 213PTZ, the “-” is
zooming IN and the “+” is zooming OUT. Instinctively, you will think the other way around. It work fine/correctly within the NetCam application.

The AOTE instruction above worked great. However, refresh rate is very low. I watched a car drive around the street and the frame only update about once every second. It is so slow that it can’t trigger the motion detection recording. But I am able to get the HD video.