Missing "File Recording" option

Just replaced webcamXP on my CCTV system with Netcam Studio and when right-clicking on a source and selecting “configure features” there is no option for file recording on either of my sources? What am I missing?

For now I have just had to schedule 24 hour recording on both sources.

There is a circle with a R at the bottom of the source for faster access (no need to open the popup menu).

Yes but why is it missing? I mean in the manual it says recording settings can be changed via this missing menu (audio birate, codec etc) Without the menu I can’t change the settings. :confused:

Recording settings can only be adjusted by presets (slow, fast, ultrafast, etc…) because it was very easy to mess it up and end up in configuration where nothing works (no recording, no streaming).

Codec is now forced to h264 since it’s the only one that can be streamed to html5.

So there are less settings to play with.