Mobile app quit working

I was gone from home for nearly two months and app worked flawlessly. I was able to view webcams any time I wanted. When I got home, I had the dreaded Windows Update. I shut everything down and did the update. Once I started the computer back up and went to open Netcam Studio, it said there was a newer version, so I downloaded and installed it. It works fine on the computer, but the mobile app no longer works. At first I was getting message Login failed: Http failure response for (unknown url): 0 Unknown error.

I uninstalled app and reinstalled. Set up new user identity and now just get Login Failed: Timeout occurred.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is the URL correct, lan ip or public ip, if phone connected to wifi or provider?
Use the web client from the phone and test.

The URL is correct, public ip. Funny thing, today the live links to my website quit working, too. I went in and re-did the the HTML code for all three cameras with the same URL and they are now working fine, but still can not get to them with the android app.

I asked you to test with the web client from the phone. Is that working?
For the html code do not use the Admin account since that Token change.
Static IP on the computer?

I did not use Admin account for html code and the computer has a static IP. As far as testing with the web client from the phone, I have no idea how to do that. Sorry.

Web client: start a browser. Enter http://IPtoNCS:8100
NCS return a login box where you enter username and password.
IPtoNCS should be the same as you use in the mobile app.

Thanks Henrik, not exactly sure what we did, but it is working now.

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Unfortunately, the same problem appeared, the page was not found from the browser.

Just follow this guide Accessing Netcam Studio remotely using Web Client or Smartphone App
to find the problem. Especially, check all IP numbers and set them to static.